&nbsp;<BR>I need to open a modal window. And from tht modal window set some values in the underlying form<BR><BR>window.opener is not availiable when you use showModalDialog so to get round this you need to pass a reference of "self" in the paramters<BR><BR>e.g.<BR><BR>rslt = window.showModalDialog("opa_lrf_reject_email.asp?o rder_id=" + document.OrderForm.PrimaryKey.value, self ,"dialogWidth:40;dialogHeight:28;help:no;status:no ");<BR> <BR>then you can make a reference to the opener by using window.dialogArguments<BR><BR>function submitUnderlyingForm() {<BR><BR> var parentWin = window.dialogArguments;<BR><BR> var rslt = getSelectionCode();<BR> if (typeof rslt != "undefined") <BR> {<BR> parentWin.OrderForm.RejectionCode.value = rslt;<BR> }<BR> parentWin.OrderForm.action = "opa_order_transaction.asp?mode=backtodisti";< BR> parentWin.OrderForm.submit();<BR> window.close();<BR>}<BR><BR>OK. this all works fine except some of my users get "permission denied" as a client side javascript error <BR><BR>erroring on this line:<BR>var parentWin = window.dialogArguments;<BR><BR>anyone any ideas on what permissions they dont have?