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Thread: Accesing remote files using FilesystemObject

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    Default Accesing remote files using FilesystemObject

    I have been trying to access remote files with the ASP FileSystemObject and I get Permission Denied. I went to the Microsoft site and they had a couple of articles none of them was very clear. Has anyone had success doing this?<BR><BR>Here is some background that I hope will clarify what we are trying to do:<BR>The first part of the application presents the user with an APS page that to upload a PDF file and then using a web form enter in the indexing information which is stored in a database and the PDF file is copied over to the remote server (file server). The second part of the application allows them to provide some search criteria and bring back links to all the documents that meet their criteria. They can then click on one of the links to view the PDF. Its a very crude archiving solution because we didn&#039;t have the money to buy a full blown package. We have been able to get this working directly on the web server with no problem, but we do not have enough room on the web server to store all the documents that will be archiving, which is why we want to store and retrieve them from the remote server.<BR><BR>

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    Default I would think this would work if you

    set permissions properly and had a mapped drive on your web server pointing to the folder where you wanted to put the files. Years ago I managed to get access to an access database on a remote box. As I recall permissions had to bet set so the IUSR on the webserver had read/write on the folder being shared, this had to be set from the machine sharing the folder, this was back before 2k so I&#039;m not sure it&#039;d still work. I did a google search and there are a few links on doing this with an access db, I&#039;d suggest you dig through:<BR><BR> se<BR><BR>The permissions you&#039;d need to set would probably be the same for files as for accessing a db. My next question though would be how will the users get at these files after they&#039;re stored on the remote share? They will no longer reside under the website area when they are browsing, you&#039;d either need to copy the file as they request it and then give them a link to it (Seems like this would be slow and cumbersome) or you&#039;d have to stream the file to them using the stream object, this would also be quite slow. In order to pull this off you&#039;d probably have to actually point the web root to the shared directory and put the entire website on the remote box, at least that&#039;s the only feasible way I could see for it to work. I gotta ask, why can&#039;t you just add a new hard drive to this webserver? This seems like a hell of a lot of work and it will be slower this way as well.

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