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    Howdy,<BR><BR>I have a bout 400 fabric samples that I&#039;ve scanned and I want to write a script that will open each image and calculate the median hue and luminosity and then add the results to a text file. I&#039;ve been trying to find some image analysis controls, but I&#039;m out of luck. Here&#039;s how I figure it would work:<BR><BR>1. Read in first image<BR>2. Calculate median hue<BR>3. Calculate median luminosity<BR>4. Close image<BR>5. add line to text file with image name, median hue value, and median luminosity value.<BR>6. go back to step 1 until all files in directory are analyzed. <BR><BR>Writing the program or script would be the easy part, I&#039;m just not sure if it is possible to use GDI+ to read in the image file and then use a proper mathematical formula to calculate whatever value I want. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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    Default This is .NET I assume???

    You sure aren&#039;t going to use GDI from ASP. Not without finding or creating some ActiveX component. And you surely wouldn&#039;t want to use snail-slow VBS to do the calculations.<BR><BR>So with .NET I don&#039;t *THINK* it&#039;s too hard. There are classes in the .NET Framework that will let you read in an image and then I believe that from there you can examine each pixel of the image. I dunno whether that&#039;s enough or not, but it&#039;s at least a starting point, I would imagine.<BR><BR>

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