hi all,<BR><BR>i had installed .net and msde in my machine.if i run the <BR>quickstart samples given along with microsoft .net it throws error.<BR><BR>Eg:- i want to check whether my local server which is running on<BR>my machine is working or not.<BR><BR>eg:- \system-5 -MSSQLSERVER<BR><BR>for that i click one example in "http://localhost/quickstart/ASPPlus/" <BR><BR>i.e Binding Sql Data to a DataGrid.if i click that means<BR>i get the error like this,<BR><BR>ERROR:-<BR>Server Error in &#039;/QuickStart/ASPPlus&#039; Application.<BR><BR>SQL Server does not exist or access denied. <BR><BR>Pls anyone clarify me what may be the cause of the problem.<BR><BR>bye<BR><BR>ulaga<BR><BR>