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    hi<BR>i have an interactive web site thats gonna be linked with a data base so the customers can search our inventory online for any items they migth be lookin for. and we also have customer registration so that if they wanna make a purchse they can register with us online. The customer registration frm online would probably be th same as the one in our vb end so the information can directly be entered in the system. we have a login table in our data base to keep track of all the logins.the customer would also be able to track there orders using the order number we will provide them. i want to know how to code this<BR>thx

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    I suggest you start reading some ASP books and looking online for information. Otherwise ,it seems that you are basically asking someone else to code the entire registration side of your Web site for you. Well, I would do it if you are prepared to discuss rates. ;)

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    noone here can code these pages for you. Now, you can start coding these pages, and when you run into problems, post your questions and we would be more than happy to help you.

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