Hi all...I&#039;ve finally got this to work...but:) <BR>1/ What I have is a form control with a Repeater control <BR>2/ In the repeater footer I have three textboxes and a button <BR>3/ Currently when the user adds a &#039;location&#039; to the first box and click the button control; that info is added to an ArrayList and then bound to the Repeater Control...user again can keep adding multiple locations <BR><BR>Problem: How do I add the info entered into the other text boxes to the Repeater control also (i.e a row of data..not just the location? <BR><BR>Instead of populating the ArrayList...should I be usering a dataset or something? <BR><BR>Thanks for your advice. <BR>code snippet in the click event: <BR>if (txt_date.Text.Length &#062; 0) <BR>{ <BR>arrayLocations.Add(txt_date.Text); <BR>Repeater1.DataSource = arrayLocations; <BR>Repeater1.DataBind(); <BR>}