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    How do you hide a submit button until I&#039;m ready to let the user see it?<BR>Thanks

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    We need more info than you have provided. You can do it Javascript, you can also do it server-side in VBScript if you don&#039;t mind the page reloading. Actually you could do it client-side in VBScript too but I wouldn&#039;t recommend this since not all browsers support VBScript.

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    Default misterpepper has a point...

    ...but let&#039;s assume you mean you want to do it all in the client:<BR><BR>&#060;INPUT Type=Submit Name="whatever" Value="Submit" Style="display: none;"&#062;<BR><BR>and then, when you are ready to show it, you just have to execute the simple JS code:<BR> document.YourFormName.whatever.style.display = "inline";<BR><BR>

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