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Thread: using global.asax to change sitewide labels

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    Default using global.asax to change sitewide labels

    I&#039;m trying to figure out how to use the Session_Start request in the global.asax file to set sitewide asp:labels to a certain variable.<BR><BR>We are making a site "translatable" into multiple languages. Everywhere on the site that contains text was converted to asp:labels so we could dynamically fill each one with whatever language the user selects. Below is an example we coded into one page for the navigation but how can we do this site wide without programming every single page?:<BR><BR>//-----<BR>if ((String)Session["UserLanguage"] == "spanish")<BR> {<BR> lblJobs.Text="Trabajos";<BR> lblLocations.Text="Localizaciones / Encargados";<BR> lblUsers.Text="Usuarios";<BR> lblOccupational.Text="Llaves Ocupacionales";<BR> lblTally.Text="Cuentas De la Cuenta";<BR> lblHome.Text="Casero";<BR> lblSignout.Text="Muestra hacia fuera";<BR> lblContact.Text="Contacto:";<BR> lblCustomerSupport.Text="Ayuda de Cliente";<BR> lblTechnicalSupport.Text="Ayuda de Tech";<BR> }<BR> if ((String)Session["UserLanguage"] == "english")<BR> {<BR> lblJobs.Text="Jobs";<BR> lblLocations.Text="Locations / Managers";<BR> lblUsers.Text="Users";<BR> lblOccupational.Text="Occupational Keys";<BR> lblTally.Text="Tally Scores";<BR> lblHome.Text="Home";<BR> lblSignout.Text="Sign Out";<BR> lblContact.Text="Contact:";<BR> lblCustomerSupport.Text="Customer Support";<BR> lblTechnicalSupport.Text="Technical Support";<BR> }<BR> if ((String)Session["UserLanguage"] == "dutch")<BR> {<BR> lblJobs.Text="Banen";<BR> lblLocations.Text="Positionen / Managers";<BR> lblUsers.Text="Benutzer";<BR> lblOccupational.Text="Berufliche Schl├╝ssel";<BR> lblTally.Text="Addieren Sie Kerben";<BR> lblHome.Text="Haupt";<BR> lblSignout.Text="Zeichen heraus";<BR> lblContact.Text="Kontakt:";<BR> lblCustomerSupport.Text="Kundenbetreuung";<BR> lblTechnicalSupport.Text="Techunterst├╝tzung";<BR> }<BR>//-----<BR><BR>Can I use a code behind somehow in the global file? Can anyone point me in the right direction? <BR><BR>Thanks I appreciate it.<BR><BR>Aaron<BR>

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    Default sorry to say

    that is an absolutely horribly way to do it....<BR><BR>ever look into "localization"?<BR><BR><BR>

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