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    Hi all, <BR><BR>I am planning to come up with a design for a database application(Oracle) and there are a few questions i am not sure of. The <BR><BR>most urgent is to do with the issue of connection pooling. <BR><BR>Imagine the application willbe used by approximately 1000 users, and at any one time any number of users can query database. <BR><BR>I would like to have a situation whereby i can control how many connections are created based on how many are needed. <BR><BR>This is the scenario i would prefer<BR><BR>30 users logged in - Sharing 10 connections<BR>40 users logged in - Sharing 12 connections<BR>300 users logged in - sharing 30 connections<BR><BR>I would like to control the number of connections created based on how many users are logged in. <BR><BR><BR>Can you guys come up with suggestions, ideas or any other better ways to do this. <BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>ps. The application uses Java and Oracle

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    please stick to the one in the database subform since this one has nothing to do with ASP. :-)

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