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    Hi,<BR><BR>I will explain what I have to do and maybe someone will have some insight for me. I have a site with about 2000 products. We use SQL server for the database and everything works great except for our inventory control. Our inventory is updated 2 times a day and is displayed as a text file on our suppliers web site. I need to be able to write a script that automatically grabs this text file and updates a table in the database named inventory twice a day. The text file looks like this example<BR><BR>210,1<BR>211,1<BR>212,0<BR>213,1<BR >214,1<BR>215,0<BR>215,1<BR><BR>The first number is the product number then a comma then the second number is 1= instock 0= out of stock. I have read about stored procedures but I am not sure if this is what I need to do. If anyone has any suggestions please post me a message.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance for your help<BR>Dave<BR>

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    1. read the file with fso<BR>2. turn the values into an array<BR>3. create sql statements based on the array

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