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    Default Deleting closed objects

    I have an intranet site running on Windows 2000 Server (and another on Windows 2000 Professional). The same problem seems to persist on both.<BR><BR>I use Excel as a report writing tool.<BR><BR>On the server, my ASP code creates an Excel object, fills it with data and formatting, and closes it.<BR><BR>The excel object, though it is closed, doesn&#039;t get removed from the Process list in the Task manager. After 25-30 of these, the system produces a "500" error to whoever tries to create a new report. I assume this is because of all the unused objects left hanging around because if I delete them the reporting can resume.<BR><BR>If I run the "iisreset" command, the objects disappear from the task manager. So I presume the problem is being caused by IIS.<BR><BR>Any ideas here??? This has become a very serious problem.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Jerry

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    Default Sounds like an Excel bug...

    ADODB.Recordset had this problem, very early in ASP&#039;s life.<BR><BR>If an ActiveX object doesn&#039;t properly release all its memory when Release() is called and the reference count is zero, there&#039;s not much anything else can do.<BR><BR>Have you, besides closing the object, *ALSO* been careful to set your reference to it to NOTHING? [Shouldn&#039;t matter, as the ASP engine should be finding all those COM references and calling Release on them, but...]<BR><BR>

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    Default It could also be DCOM.

    If DCOM isn&#039;t configured properly, it&#039;ll do this. I remember having this same issue about three years ago with Access.<BR><BR>Here&#039;s the 4Guys article that I used to fix that problem...It may help here too.

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