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    We are getting a lot of "page cannot be displayed" errors lately. The bottom of the page says, "DNS or Server error". That&#039;s pretty general. The problem seems to be happening mostly when we&#039;re accessing pages stored in folders. For instance, we&#039;ve got a particular site, say We have a lot of folders hung off of that site that different people access. Sometimes this goes 2 levels deep. For instance, we may have When I get this "page cannot be displayed" error, I can usually go to, and it&#039;ll pop right up. I&#039;ve also tried adding new "websites" in iis like, which goes to the same folder as the "" folder, and that seems to work better. When I get these errors, sometimes we can refresh, and it works fine, other times, I have to close the browser and try again.<BR><BR>Now, I realize that this isn&#039;t necessarily an ASP page, but I&#039;ve searched around, and we can&#039;t seem to find a solution to this. Is anyone aware of any access problems related to sub folders off of a web site? Also, this does happens sometimes when we go directly to the site w/o any folders, but it most often happens when accessing a folder off of the site. I&#039;ve made sure that the permissions for all of these folders are set up properly to my knowledge.<BR><BR>If anyone&#039;s got any hints, please pass them along. We appreciate it.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Jesse

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    The links in the address bar are correct when these errors appear?<BR><BR>Check your DNS:

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