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    can anyone recommend a good .asp based calendar program that A) doesn't cost thousands of dollars and can be run on multiple sites and can "interact" with one another. That is if you post information on one, you can have a main calendar that shows all of the post of the individual ones.

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    Default Have you checked AspIn?

    http://www.AspIn.com has lists of components, apps, etc. If you haven&#039;t already checked there, I&#039;d do so first.<BR><BR>

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    Hello Bruce<BR>I have a calendar that will suit your needs perfectly. It is a VBScript calendar and can use either access or SQL database backend. I cannot remember where I found it. But if you can send me your email address, I will send you information for logging into my FTP server so that you can download all the code and a database.<BR><BR>Hope this helps you out.<BR><BR>AndrewSQLDBA<BR>

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