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    Can you think of any reasons why I am getting this syntax error on the "strsqld=splitconf(w)" line even though sql is getting the stmt and executing it correctly? When writing it out, it appears exactly how it should. (The splitconf is a textarea form results.)<BR><BR>&#060;---------------------Error---------------------------------&#062;<BR>Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error &#039;80004005&#039; <BR>[Unisys ODBC Access Driver 50.01.150] -20003 Syntax error <BR><BR>&#060;---------------------Code----------------------------------&#062;<BR> If Request.Form.Item("button4")="Execute SQL stmt(s)" then<BR> Dim strsqld,w,sendrevoke<BR> For w = 0 to ubound(splitconf)<BR> strsqld=splitconf(w)<BR> sendrevoke = oConnSQL.execute(strsqld) <BR> Next <BR> End If

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    Default Error NOT on that line

    Sometimes, line numbers reported in ASP errors can be off by one or two.<BR><BR>That error is on the NEXT line.<BR><BR>And you SAY that you are writing it out, but you aren&#039;t showing us.<BR><BR>For w = 0 to ubound(splitconf)<BR> strsqld=splitconf(w)<BR> Response.Write "splitconf(" & w & ") is " & strsqld & "&#060;br/&#062;"<BR> sendrevoke = oConnSQL.execute(strsqld) <BR>Next <BR><BR>What does that show you, just before you get the error?<BR><BR>

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