Hi, <BR><BR>I&#039;m creating a .vcs-file via FSO on the basis of data in an Access DB. This works fine. When the user saves the .vcs it ends up in his Outlook calendar. Problem is when the user changes information and then creates a new .vcs, the old calendar item isn&#039;t updated (and moved if the dates are changed). This creates duplicates in the user&#039;s Outlook Calendar. <BR><BR>Note! I&#039;m using the same id in the .vcs file (UID) as in the Access DB from where the .vcs file is created. So Outlook should know that this is an update of the file. <BR><BR>Do I need to (and is there an example script of) first deleting the old calendar item in Outlook and then storing the new? <BR><BR>Any ideas? <BR><BR>Thanks, <BR>Roche