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    Hi there... please can somebody help me out on this one?<BR><BR>I have a country dropdown in a form. The functionality that I would like to include is this...<BR><BR>if a user chooses the "United States" then a second select box would appear underneath with a list of the states. If the user chooses the United Kingdom then the list would be the counties in the UK. Otherwise the second select box does not appear at all. Has anybody got any ideas?<BR><BR>The key is the second dropdown would not appear unless either the US or the UK is chosen by the user<BR><BR>Thanks in advance for any assistance on this<BR><BR>cheers<BR>Decbrad

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    Use javascript.<BR><BR>Create the pulldown for each sub option using asp on the fly or however you like.<BR><BR>Then use javascript to show the appropriate pulldown depending on the option selected.<BR><BR>&#060;SELECT name=&#039;country&#039; onChange=&#039;show_sub(this.value)&#039;&#062;<BR ><BR>Hope this helps.<BR><BR>jc

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