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    Hi, i am reffering to my previous post regarding automatic email reminders <BR><BR>http://www.aspmessageboard.com/forum/asp.asp?M=755104&T=755104&F=20&P=1#755104 <BR><BR>i just wanna know that is there is any solution for that in pure ASP other than VB file + task scheduling of windows ? the only ASP solution i get was this -&#062; Build an ASP page and leave a browser open on the machine, with a &#060;meta&#062; refresh .<BR><BR>

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    Doesn&#039;t matter if it&#039;s a VB file. Basically, ASP can&#039;t magically run. In fact, nothing can magically run really. It has to be kicked off by something.<BR><BR>It really doesn&#039;t matter what you use to kick that off (scheduled task, auto-refresh), but SOMETHING needs to.<BR><BR>You see, an added complexity to all this is that you&#039;re using ASP for something it&#039;s REALLY not designed for. Let me give you an example of how it could be used. I just did this for a new site I&#039;m working on, and here&#039;s how it works.<BR>1) Scheduled task runs an EXE every night<BR>2) EXE (C# application) talks to a database and works out what needs to be sent<BR>3) EXE runs through the data to be sent and, for each one, makes a request to a single ASP page<BR>4) ASP sends the email<BR><BR>Scheduling the execution of an ASP page directly is not a great idea. Either convert your code to a standalone application, or change it to a VBS file.<BR><BR>Craig.

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