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    Rob Guest

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    I have recently taken over a large project for a client.<BR>1/2 of the application is running off tables, the other <BR>1/2 is running off query tables in the Query view. <BR>Apart from the fact that these queries<BR>have thousands of repeating rows inside of them, I am baffled as<BR>to why anyone would create query tables then run an app off of them.<BR>Perhaps it is ignorance, but I have never seen this done before.<BR>And I have seen a lot of MS Access databases.<BR><BR>Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks in advance to all<BR>who reply.

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    You&#039re right, I don&#039t think that is such a good idea. It is like running your SQL statement twice to get your final results. Looks like you&#039ve got your work cut out for you.<BR><BR>Jerry

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    Rob Guest

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    Thanks Jerry.<BR><BR>I t looks to me like they tried to write every query they used in the app in the query view and then call a shorter version of an SQL statement to access the predefined query. Its redicuslous what these people have done. According to my client, it works but I have a hard time believing it. <BR>Appart from the mess the dB is in and the dB objects/connections<BR>stored in sessions.<BR><BR>

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