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    I&#039;m having a hell of a time with designing an administration section in .net for a client. The client requires that he can input varying prices based on sizes for products and be able to add and remove those sizes from his admin section. What I think I need to do is create a user control that has the following:<BR><BR>size price feat.price<BR>(dropdown list) (textbox) (textbox)<BR><BR><BR>if I create this layout as a user control I know I can Load it into the page with the LoadControl method. What I dont understand if I have a button that is clicked that would add another control in so the client can add another size how would I be able to read in those values from the code in my page, i.e. how would it differentiate between the two controls? Would it have an id property?<BR><BR>Lloyd<BR>

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    Default Perhaps you should try...

    Personally I would do this in a datagrid rather than the more complex method you&#039;re attempting, and then I would add a delete button as well as an Edit button to the datagrid.<BR><BR>To add extra prices, place an "Add" form in the footer (a tutorial which I think describes almost exactly aspect of what you&#039;re trying to do can be found here:<BR><BR>Hope that helps, if not let me know...<BR><BR>Tim

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