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    Margaret Widholm Guest

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    Ok, I&#039ve got an asp loop which reads off of the database and prints a table to the reader with different fields from the database. One field is a checkbox, so I put this:<BR><BR>IF (rs.Fields("field_name").Value) = True THEN<BR> CHECK = " checked"<BR>ELSE<BR> CHECK = ""<BR>END IF<BR><BR>above the table and for that field in the table, I have:<BR><BR>&#060;TD BORDERCOLOR=#c0c0c0 ALIGN=CENTER&#062;&#060;input type=checkbox &#060;%=CHECK%&#062;&#062;<BR>&#060;/TD&#062;<BR><BR>Now, this works in ie but not in netscape. I&#039ve tried different quotes around everything. When I view the source code, it shows up as a proper checkbox, it&#039s just that the actual box doesn&#039t show up on the screen...

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    KPW Guest

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    The only thing I can think of without seeing your entire source code is that maybe you don&#039t have the &#060;form&#062; and &#060;/form&#062; tags. Did you include these? My experience has been that Netscape is super-picky about these tags being present, while IE will let it slide. (Frankly, I think this is sloppy on the part of IE.)

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    Margaret Widholm Guest

    Default RE: html checkbox in asp table-THANK YOU!

    Ok, so, I was an idiot for a few minutes there and that was TOTALLY the problem- thank you so much.

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