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Thread: Server Error in '/' Application.

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    The connection is already Open (state=Open). <BR><BR>Line 96: DBInsert1.Connection = DBConnection <BR>Line 97: DBUpdate1.Connection.Open() <BR>Line 98: DBInsert1.Connection.Open() <BR>Line 99: DBUpdate1.ExecuteNonQuery() <BR>Line 100: DBInsert1.ExecuteNonQuery() <BR><BR>How do I solve the error above?<BR><BR>Thanx

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    Default Google/Code

    Well that doesn&#039;t really help at all does it, firstly what line number is it failing on, what code is before that and have you looked in Google?<BR><BR>The first thing that you can do to help is provide the chunk of code in question...<BR><BR>Tim

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