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    Bill,<BR><BR>You had emailed me almost a while ago (I think almost over a year ago or more) on how I could spilt the data in my database between 3 or more drop down menus e.g. If I had 15 entries in my database, the data would be segregated between the 3 drop down menus. My emails were lost and can’t seem to find the code anywhere. Could you please email me the code? I would really appreciate it.<BR><BR>Drop Down Menu 1<BR>Product 1<BR>Product 4<BR>etc<BR><BR>Drop Down Menu 2<BR>Product 2<BR>Product 5<BR>etc<BR><BR>Drop Down Menu 3<BR>Product 3<BR>Product 6<BR>etc<BR>

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    You have been posting here for 4 years now. <BR>Have you not learned anything?<BR><BR>Im sorry to say it, but this is pretty basic stuff...<BR><BR>Loop through your database records, and build 3 strings as you go. 1 string for each dropdown box...<BR><BR>How about at least putting an effort into it and give it a try...<BR>Come back with code sniplets if something is giving you problems...<BR>but at least put in an attempt, you might just surprise yourself.<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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