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    Hi , i have to develop an application through which automatic email reminders can be generated .......... i need sugestions abt that if i store all upcomming events , the subject , the msg body reminder date and email addresses in a database and on that data using CDONTS the email reminder will automatically be generated , now is there is any way that if no user initiates the application and it automatically checkes the database once a day and automatically send reminders ? i know it can be done if at least one user can check the database and then email will be sent but is that possible to do that automatically ? also want to know that can i get the same results by adding this to my systems scheduled tasks where i have MS Exchange Server running ? if it can be done this way please guide me abt that.<BR><BR>Looking forward for any idea from u guys.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>

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    This may help. <BR>

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