Hi everyone, <BR> I&#039m jumping headfirst into ASP from a strong background in ColdFusion. I&#039m discovering things that are different (and the same) between the two technologies. However, being exposed to CF for so long has left some ideas in my head about the easiest way to do some things. <BR> The one thing that I can&#039t get out of my head is consistently having the application.cfm file run each time any CF file is requested. My question is this: Does the global.asa file run each time an asp file is requested. I&#039ve disovered the session and application subroutines that are useful in the global.asa file, but I can&#039t find any really good examples/documentation on the powers of this file. I&#039m attempting to include some files that contain constants and global subroutines, but I can&#039t tell if it is working or not. Particularly, I&#039m trying to use the global.asa file as a wrapper for a security system that will encompass all applications written in ASP. <BR> Any help or tips would be appreciated.<BR><BR>Thank you,<BR> Todd Pettit<BR> tpettit@intelixinc.com<BR><BR>