Hi,<BR><BR>I have a table designed with a single column and 10 textboxes in each col.in run time i want to create a column dynamically in that table .after that i ll add the controls in it.For example below is my code i used to create the table column in run time.it is ok & i also added a textbox as an example.it is also ok.<BR>But the thing is the textbox is added at the bottom of the column.If i set the valign =true also not working.Could u please how to start adding the controls from the top of the column & the change to be made in the below code.<BR><BR><BR><BR>HtmlTable tab= (HtmlTable)Utfeeschedule.FindControl("tblEntry"); <BR>HtmlTableRow tblRow= new HtmlTableRow(); HtmlTableCell tblCell = new HtmlTableCell(); <BR>HtmlTableCell tblCellType=new HtmlTableCell();HtmlTableCell tblCellBtn=new HtmlTableCell();<BR>HtmlTableRow tblRowBtn = new HtmlTableRow(); TextBox Tbox=new TextBox();<BR> <BR>for(int i=0;i&#060;=10;i++) { tblRow= new HtmlTableRow(); tblCell = new HtmlTableCell(); <BR>tblCellType=new HtmlTableCell(); tblCellBtn=new HtmlTableCell();tblRowBtn = new HtmlTableRow(); <BR>Tbox=new TextBox();tblCellType.Controls.Add(Tbox);tblRow.Ce lls.Add(tblCell); tblRow.Cells.Add(tblCellType);<BR>tab.Controls.Add (tblRow); tblCell.VAlign="top";tblRow.VAlign="top";tblCellTy pe.VAlign="top";<BR> }<BR><BR>Regards<BR>Raghu