I was hoping that someone can answer some questions regarding IIS and Cache. I am trying to resolve an issues we<BR>are having on our shopping cart and I am not sure if I am doing the right thing. I am a little new to tweaking IIS<BR>for performance and would like some feedback to see if I am doing the right thing.<BR><BR>First of all the shopping cart that is having problems is rather large and handles orders for US and foreign orders. <BR>It has a lot of traffic and the traffic has grown considerable over the years. The site and code have been around for over 3 years<BR>with very little tweaking. IIS had to be reinstalled last year and all the settings are now back to default. Below are the recent changes<BR>that I have made as well as research I have found regarding tweaking IIS to for better performance and reliability.<BR><BR>Any comments and help would be greatly appreciated. Does anyone know of other settings I should modify and are the ones I made<BR>ok to make.<BR>-------------------------<BR>After doing research I found that the ASPScriptFileCacheSize is set default at 250 and that it should be increased if the server <BR>has a lot of memory and the site gets hit often. Our site does.<BR><BR>Recent changes made to IIS 5:<BR>ASPScriptFileCacheSize: increased from 250 to 325<BR>ASPScriptEngineCacheMax increased from 125 to 250<BR>TemplatesCached: increased from 256 to 325<BR><BR>I was also told that I might need to modify the MemCacheSize. I can&#039;t find the MemCacheSize value in the registry to modify. Is it named something else?<BR><BR>Not sure if the changes I made should be higher or not.<BR>-------------------------<BR>I have run Performance Monitor on the server and have these results:<BR>Prior to changing IIS settings:<BR>ASPScriptEnginesCached: 203 max<BR>Sessions Current: 305 max<BR>ASPTemlatesCached: 302 max <BR><BR><BR>After changing IIS settings:<BR>ASPScriptEnginesCached: 345 max<BR>Sessions Current: 313 max<BR>ASPTemlatesCached: 387 max<BR>-------------------------<BR><BR>Errors before the above changes to IIS were made:<BR>"Not enought storage space is available to process this command." - Line of code is:<BR>set mscsManagerSite = fileDocument.ReadFromFile(managerCSC, "IISProperties")<BR><BR>Recent Errors after making the above changes to IIS:<BR>"Memory allocation failed." It looks like a query to Informix failed because there wasn&#039;t enough memory to handle it.<BR>That is odd because there is over 4GB of memory on the server.<BR><BR>When these error occur the shopping cart is completed unusable and to resolve it IIS needs to be restarted. This needs to <BR>be done ever 4-7 days. Any help would be greatly appreciated.