Using FSO I have an .asp that writes the results of it&#039s processed script as .htm files to a folder on my web project. (Just as an FYI I have set the Overwrite argument to true.) The script takes about twenty minutes to run and writes 48 seperate .htm files to this particular folder. (After an .htm file is completed the script re-runs and resets the Server.ScriptTimeout.) I&#039ve assigned anonymous access permissions to the folder that holds the .htm files and the whole process runs great besides for one thing that happened: My script timed out at one point and when I tried to re-run it I&#039m now getting a &#039Permission Denied&#039 error msg. on the folder that the script is trying to write the .htm files to. Does anybody out there know why, after timing out, permission would get denied to this folder? Thanx in advance and I hope I&#039ve explained this clearly.