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    Alright, I know that using Javascript is a bit again the grain these days when writing ASP pages, but well that&#039s what I use. Now given that information I&#039m tring to pull about five columns from an Access DB, but for some reason I seem only to be able to get 1 record out of 1431. I&#039ve set up the connection in the following way:<BR><BR>var conn=Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection");<BR>D SNstr="HRdata";<BR>conn.Open(DSNstr, "administrator", "password");<BR>var record=Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset");<BR> SQLstr="SELECT division, jobtitle, emplno, lastname, firstname FROM master"<BR>record.Open(SQLstr, conn);<BR><BR>I&#039m assuming that&#039s all correct, but when I do a record.RecordCount the number that&#039s returned is -1 which usually means that the property isn&#039t supported. Possible in an Access database, but mabey not. Any thoughts out there?

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    This question has been answered. See:<BR><BR>

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