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    I have a form with a textarea that users can copy & paste a MS Word document and then have their data saved in a SQL 2K database. Everything works fine except I lose the formatting when I display the data. <BR><BR>I was able to partially fix the problem by adding the following line:<BR>Response.write Replace(rs("general_comments"),Chr(13) & Chr(10),"<BR>")<BR><BR>While this at least took care of the line returns, it doesn&#039;t fix the problem if users have tab stops in their Word doc when they copy/paste it to the textarea. Is their a line similar to the one above that will keep the formatting for tab stops when I display the output?<BR><BR>Thanks!<BR>

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    Tab is Chr(9)<BR><BR>http://www.devguru.com/technologies/vbscript/quickref/stringcon.html

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