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    I have a com object created using Visual Basic. I have a function named connopen which basically connects to the database and returns the conn object as ref variable. This is how this function called from ASP page:<BR><BR>1. create an instance object<BR>2. create an connection object<BR>3. call instancename.OpenConn(s_dbName As String, s_srvName As String,<BR> s_userId As String, s_pwd as String, <BR> ByRef conn As ADODB.connection)<BR> <BR>But when I call this function from an asp page it says data mismatch. I don&#039t know what&#039s wrong. I am not sure If one can pass connection object as an reference variable thru an com object. Any help appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance,<BR>Anil

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    I believe you don&#039t need to pass ADODB.connection as reference.<BR>You should use this reference inside your COM object (on the stage of creating your class in VB).<BR>Secondly ASP support only Variant as Data Type.<BR>

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