please help me, clientId always holds ""<BR>I have a page in folder larry that sets <BR><BR>&#060;% Session("clientId") = 3 %&#062;<BR><BR>Then in the folder that holds larry is a file that checks the session. when i write the cookie for clientId the value never gets set. When i look in the cookie text file it show the word clientId but no actual value after it. <BR>Here is the page that checks the session.<BR><BR><BR>&#060;%<BR><BR> sessionStatus = ""<BR> &#039;if there client name is blank this is either the first in time in or we have lost the sesseion<BR><BR> IF Session("clientName") = "" THEN<BR> &#039;if the clientId is blank we have lost the session<BR> sessionStatus = "new"<BR> IF Session("clientId") = "" THEN <BR> &#039;THIS SHOULD HAVE 3 <BR> clientId = Request.Cookies("clientId")<BR> &#039;if the clientId cookie is blank, we dont know who they are so send them to nichold designs page<BR> IF clientId = "" THEN<BR> &#039;response.clear<BR> response.redirect basePath & "/index.html"<BR> &#039;Server.Transfer(basePath & "/index.html")<BR> response.write "cant get the cookie transfering to" & clientId & Session("clientId")<BR> ELSE<BR> Session("clientId") = clientId<BR> sessionStatus = "lost"<BR> END IF<BR> END IF<BR> END IF<BR><BR> IF sessionStatus &#060;&#062; "" THEN<BR> SQL = "SELECT client_name, client_abrv FROM clients where client_id = &#039;" & Session("clientId") & "&#039;"<BR> SET getClientInfo = conn.EXECUTE(SQL)<BR> &#039;if we cannot find any client data - this should never happen<BR> IF getClientInfo.EOF = true OR getClientInfo.BOF = true THEN<BR> Server.Transfer("index.html")<BR> ELSE<BR><BR> Session("clientName") = getClientInfo("client_name")<BR> Session("clientAbrv") = getClientInfo("client_abrv")<BR> IF sessionStatus = "new" THEN<BR> Response.Cookies("clientId") = clientId<BR> Response.Cookies("clientId").Expires = Date + 1<BR> END IF<BR> END IF<BR> END IF<BR> &#039;set these as local variables for all pages<BR> clientId = Session("clientId")<BR> clientName = Session("clientName")<BR> clientAbrv = Session("clientAbrv")<BR><BR><BR>%&#062;<BR>