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    Hi guys,<BR><BR>I have a database in a folder in my D drive. My ASP data adding is not working in my database, because of this Read Only Attribute of the folder. So i right clicked that folder and un- click the "Read Only" attribute in its general tab, and clicked apply. It asked whether to apply those changes to sub folders and files too. and i said OK and it was gone. When right click teh folder again, and select properties, in general tab, I can see the Read only option is clicked. I did this so many times and its showing the Read Only attribute clicked. I dont know what to do. Please help me.<BR><BR>Regards,<BR>shiyam

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    Default Same answer as this FAQ:<BR><BR>Look for "WHAT IF THE SECURITY TAB DOESN&#039;T APPEAR IN MY FILE/FOLDER PROPERTIES?"<BR><BR>I assume you are using Windows XP, or you probably wouldn&#039;t see what you are seeing.<BR><BR>Since Access if *really* just a "file reader", it has the same issues as you are having with FSO.<BR><BR>

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