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    Ok, I&#039;m sure this is a very basic .net question, but I literally just started working with .net an hour ago. I used the MS conversion tool (from classic ASP), and am going through the new .net code. Here&#039;s the line that errors:<BR><BR>response.write("id: " & session("userID") & " &#124 ")<BR><BR>Here&#039;s the error:<BR><BR>System.InvalidCastException: Cast from type &#039;Field&#039; to type &#039;String&#039; is not valid.<BR><BR>What is a cast type? How do I convert a &#039;field&#039; type to a &#039;string&#039; type? Cstr doesn&#039;t work. I&#039;m sure this is so stupid that I&#039;ll kick myself when I find the answer, but please give me some clues!<BR><BR>Any help will be much appreciated!<BR>Thanks!

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