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    Hello,<BR>The SQL-code for showing the top 5 posts from a table is.<BR>SQL - SELECT top 5 FROM table<BR><BR>But, i want to show the top1 latest (the latest) post in one place. And the the top 2-10 in another place. How to do?

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    If I understand this right you want to be able to fetch the first post and 2-10 post.<BR><BR>A simple way of doing this could be to ad a &#039id&#039-field in the table. And then just do like this:<BR><BR>&#039to get the first post<BR>SQL = "SELECT * FROM TheTable WHERE id = 1"<BR><BR>&#039to get posts 2-10<BR>SQL = SELECT * FROM TheTable WHERE id &#062; 1 AND id &#060; 11"<BR><BR>That should work....

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