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Thread: desiging and developing robust aspx pages

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    Hi!<BR> its been almost a year i been learning server and to develop webpages. the most irretation part i come a cross is when i need to integrate both client side script and server side script. i.e. i spend my lots of time on designing look and feel of the pages using normal html, css, jscript and various images once its done(i do this in dream weaver) i take it to visual studio net where i create aspx pages and i mess all the html code and up. is there any way where i can seperate those html codes and codes put seperate. i am just a beginner so please help me to make my job easy thanks in forward.<BR><BR>cheers,<BR>robin

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    Default Yep.

    Yes, I frequently do this (more so in ASP but I don&#039;t see why it can&#039;t be done as easily with .NET) is split my HTML up into a header and footer file (ie header.aspx and bottom.aspx) and then use an include:<BR><BR>&#060;!-- #INCLUDE FILE="header.aspx" --&#062;<BR><BR>Your page code goes here...<BR><BR>&#060;!-- #INCLUDE FILE="bottom.aspx" --&#062;<BR><BR>Let me know how you get on.<BR><BR>Tim

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