Further to my post a few weeks ago regarding http://www.ehawker.co.uk, I&#039;d just like to post an update:<BR><BR>We&#039;re slowly getting indexed and cataloged by the major search engines (Yahoo&#039;s the only one to have us in its engine overnight though - I was very impressed by that). There&#039;ve also been quite a few bug reports submitted by various parties and I thank everyone for those. Most of the problems, I believe, are fixed.<BR><BR>In order to try and bulk out the database, and to get some usability and bug reports on the "add" section of the site, the decision&#039;s been taken to offer ads for free during beta testing in January 2005.<BR><BR>Again - any reports or suggestions can be emailed to the email address on the site, or to craig@ the same domain (e-hawker.co.uk - note the hyphen!), or posted on here. I&#039;m very grateful for any feedback.<BR><BR>Also, if anyone here uses any "assistive technologies" to access the &#039;net (screen readers, or magnifiers, etc), or have any visual, physical or mental disabilities that hinder normal web usage, I would be very interested to hear how they find using the site.<BR><BR>Craig.