I have a datatable which contains only one column called year. DataTable stuDTable = new DataTable("StuFilesTable");<BR>DataColumn dc = new DataColumn("Year",System.Type.GetType("System.Stri ng"));<BR>dc.ReadOnly = false;<BR>stuDTable.Columns.Add(dc);<BR><BR>DataSe t stuDSet = new DataSet("StuListFiles"); stuDSet.Tables.Add(stuDTable); <BR><BR>FillList(); // This method fills the rows in Datatable programmatically.<BR><BR>stuDGStyle.MappingName = "StuFilesTable";<BR>stuDGTB.MappingName = "Year";<BR>stuDGStyle.GridColumnStyles.Add(stuDGTB );<BR>stuDG.TableStyles.Add(stuDGStyle);<BR><BR>Th is is all I have in my code. The DataGrid is coming up fine. But it is not letting me EDIT any of the rows. <BR><BR>Please somebody help !!<BR><BR>