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Thread: Connect to Accesse DB from another website

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    Default Connect to Accesse DB from another website

    Hey everyone! Need some help here...<BR>I have a MDB file that I am trying to access from the entirely different website. Nothing seems to work :-(<BR>Anyone have any thoughts how to connect to a remote mdb file?<BR>Thanks!

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    Default Can't do it...Access is *NOT* a server

    When you use an Access DB, you are *actually* only using a DLL. Yes, a DLL that is linked into ADO which is linked into ASP which is linked into the IIS web server.<BR><BR>And the Access so-called-database is *actually* just a FILE that resides on the hard disk. And the DLL simply reads and writes that file.<BR><BR>The DLL on the web server *MUST* be able to "reach" the .mdb file through the file system. That is, if you can&#039;t "see" that .mdb file using FSO, then neither can the Access DLL.<BR><BR>Certainly you can&#039;t use the internet to get from the DLL to the ".mdb" file. You *can* use a *LAN* to get to it. If the web server and the ".mdb" file are on the same local area network, then with a little bit of work you could get to it.<BR><BR>But otherwise? Forget it.<BR><BR>

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