I really liked Scotts article on using RowSelectorColumn and started using it. It is a great object, but I can&#039;t seem to use it in a Datalist that has a Datagrid in it.<BR><BR>The problem is that the sender (sender as Object) is not a Control, so you can&#039;t use sender.parent on it to find the Datagrid you are using.<BR><BR>You also can&#039;t seem to start from the Datalist and walk the objects to fine the RowSelectorColumn you are using (which would tell you which DataGrid it is in).<BR><BR>I can find out what the selection was chosen, but I can&#039;t tell the questions were.<BR><BR>You cant use the sender.equals method (as far as I can tell) as the types are different.<BR><BR>Going through the list I can find the RowSelectorColumn:<BR><BR>Dim oRowSelector as control = oGridItem.FindControl( "RowSelectorColumnSelector" )<BR>if sender.equals(oRowSelector)<BR><BR>But it is never equal.<BR><BR>It turns out the sender is of type:<BR><BR>MetaBuilders.WebControls.RowSelectorC olumn<BR><BR>And the RowSelectors in the DataGrids are:<BR><BR>MetaBuilders.WebControls.RowSelectorCo lumn+ParticipantRadioButton<BR><BR>I tried sending multiple questions to Andy on this and have gotten no reply. Since it is free, I understand.<BR><BR>The problem is I need to figure out how to make this work as I have spend quite a deal of time setting these pages up.<BR><BR>Any help would really be appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Tom<BR>