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    rs.Open "select [File Data],[Content Type] from Files where ID = " & _<BR> ID, connStr, 2, 4<BR><BR>What does the &#039;2, 4&#039; means?<BR><BR>Advanced thanx

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    There *IS* documentation for all this stuff, you know?<BR><BR>Maybe you could start adding some of the pages to into your FAVORITES?<BR><BR>Add this one, just for starters:<BR>http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/en-us/ado270/htm/mdmscadoapireference.asp<BR><BR>And then you can click on "ADO Objects and Interfaces" and then on "Recordset Object" and then on the "Open" method of the recordset object.<BR><BR>Or, a tad faster, click on "ADO Methods" and then click on "Open (ADO Recordset)".<BR><BR>IF you will then read the docs, you will see that <BR> 2 is the cursor type<BR> 4 is the lock type<BR><BR>So 2 is adOpenDynamic. This is a worthless cursor type with ASP pages. It buys you nothing that adOpenStatic doesn&#039;t, because it is designed to support "call backs" upon changes in the underlying data, but ASP and VBScript don&#039;t support call backs.<BR><BR>The 4 is adLockBatchOptimistic. I hope you understand when and why to use that.<BR><BR>

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