Ok Ok I have opened up my access DB hit tools then upsizing wizzard. connects to my sql server Wahooo ! next &#062;&#062; next &#062;&#062; Gets Excited &#062;&#062; BOOM ! Unable to create Table Blah theres about 4 tables listed Look at my sql db No tables there ? Gives comp a technical whack (using the small hammer) and try&#039;s again no Cigar ? Help<BR><BR>I have no enterprise manager as SQL Server is a shared job through my webhost I dled Aqua Data Studio 3 and managed to create my tables by running the query analizer but I have no idea what im doing so dont even know if I have set the field types to what they should be. <BR><BR>Is there a way I can just hit the upsize button and it creates the tables and fires the data into them Like you it says it does ? or at least give you some sort of reason why it didn&#039;t create the table and insert the data so you can correct it and try again ?<BR><BR>Thanks All :¬)