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    In the grand scheme of things, this isn&#039t really a problem with my ASP Code, its a problem with ASP in general.<BR><BR>My manager has told me today that I don&#039t qualify as a senior developer simply because all the codes I know are script based (i.e. HTML, ASP, JavaScript). If this was an isolated incident, I would have told him where to stick his opinion. The problem is, this opinion has been shared across many of the managers I&#039ve worked with. <BR>When I ask them to define a senior developer, however, they walk around the question like Bill Clinton at the Lewinsky trial. <BR><BR>I&#039m sure at one point, HTML and web development in general was considered a novelty in the same way the PC was. Now, it&#039s rapidly becoming the basis/theme of the computer industry. These scripting technologies are becoming the thing to know. <BR><BR>Why aren&#039t they getting any respect?<BR><BR>What I really want to know is: is this a wide-spread problem or is it just local the closed-minded hell hole known as Jacksonville, Florida?<BR><BR>Can anyone help me with an argument to give my manager?<BR><BR>Sincerely,<BR>Erick S.<BR>

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    I don&#039t think this counts as a problem with ASP, it is a problem with people.<BR>It is not just your managers who think this way, there are lots of them.<BR><BR>If you work for a company that does lots and lots of web development with ASP and they don&#039t make extensive use of in-house COM objects, go to the top-boss and explain that the managers don&#039t understand the importance of ASP in you organization. <BR>If your company builds it&#039s own COM objects and the real work (processing and programming) goes on in the COM objects, then get yourself moved to the COM object team.<BR><BR><BR>These guys seem to be jerking you around, if they don&#039t want you to be senior because you would then be entitled to a raise, look for more money somewhere else. If it is just a question of languages, get certified with VB.<BR><BR>Best of luck<BR><BR>-Andrew<BR><BR>

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