Hello. I have a union query and two subsequent queries built off it that I would like to combine into a single query (if possible). Here they are<BR><BR>The Union query- "RowU"<BR><BR>SELECT ID,[FR_EXT] As &#039;SatScale&#039;<BR>FROM DATA2<BR><BR>UNION SELECT ID,[FR_EXT2] AS &#039;SatScale&#039;<BR>FROM DATA2;<BR><BR>The next query- "RowUnion 2nd step"<BR><BR>SELECT DATA2.RV_BODY, RowU.ID<BR>FROM (RowU INNER JOIN DATA2 ON RowU.ID = DATA2.ID) INNER JOIN LabelTable ON RowU.[&#039;SatScale&#039;] = LabelTable.Value<BR>WHERE (((LabelTable.Sort)=1))<BR>GROUP BY DATA2.RV_BODY, RowU.ID;<BR><BR><BR>The final query that gets me the exact output I want- "RowUnion 3rd step"<BR><BR>SELECT [RowUnion 2nd step].RV_BODY, Count([RowUnion 2nd step].ID) AS CountOfID<BR>FROM [RowUnion 2nd step]<BR>GROUP BY [RowUnion 2nd step].RV_BODY;<BR><BR><BR>.....any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated!!<BR><BR>thanks- Tim<BR>