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    I have been searching around to find an example of how to use a multiple listbox. I need to be able to select multiple items in the listbox and store the values in a database field, and then re-populate to list box with previous items selected for editing.<BR><BR>I just cannot seem to find a clear example. I am asuming it is possible. Any help or direction to an example would be greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>DC

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    you probably got the &#060;select multiple&#062; html figured out.<BR>the data will come to you as comma space delimited string.<BR>make an array and thru the data to get each selection.<BR><BR>arr = split(Request("s1"), ", ")<BR><BR>For Each var in arr<BR> Response.Write var<BR>Next<BR><BR>To save the data you can execute an insert statements into your database. <BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>

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