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    Hi all,<BR> I am new to this website and forum. Right now am doing a project in VB.NET. I am going to complete by this month end.<BR>After that i thought of learning ASP.NET , but i dont know where to start. Also i like to learn by doing a simple project on ASP.NET. So please suggest a good and also simple one but it shld not be a repetitive one.<BR><BR>thx all<BR>

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    There aren&#039;t enough good games out there written in VB.NET.<BR><BR>Ideally, you&#039;d like a multi-player game. But I don&#039;t think you&#039;ll do that by the end of this month, so start with a one-player game.<BR><BR>What game? I dunno. The most complex one you think YOU can do in that time frame.<BR><BR>Blackjack? Been done many many times, but the advantage is that once you&#039;ve got the graphics for the cards and the basic concepts of representing a deck of cards and shuffling and dealing, you can then go on to most any other kind of card game.<BR><BR>

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