I am confused how to cast to a type which is obtained from reflection:<BR><BR>Normally, this is what we do:<BR><BR>using ABC;<BR>...<BR>object obj; <BR>...<BR>if (obj is ABC.MyClass)<BR>{<BR> ((ABC.MyClass)obj).MyProperty = "value";<BR>}<BR><BR>but now I want to obtain the type of ABC.MyClass from reflection, like this:<BR>using System.Reflection;<BR>...<BR>Assembly objAssembly = Assembly.Load("ABC");<BR>Type t = objAssembly.GetType("ABC.MyClass");<BR>if (obj is t)<BR>{<BR> ((t)obj).MyProperty = "value";<BR>}<BR><BR>It will raise compile error: The type or namespace name &#039;t&#039; could not be<BR>found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)<BR><BR>Anyone can give a hint on how to deal with dynamic Type that obtained from<BR>Assembly ?<BR>Thanks a lot!