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    Hi, I hope someone can help me with this one...<BR>I have an ASP page which creates an object reference to a DCOM component. The ASP page is in my Visual Interdev project and I have defined the location of my component (DCOM) in MTS as residing on a separate machine. When I browse my ASP page which references the remote COM object I get a message from the brower saying that "A connection with the server could not be established" and my web service stops running which can only be fully fixed by a complete reboot of my machine. However, if the COM object resides locally on the same machine as the ASP page then it works correctly. It only has a problem when I attempt to locate and execute the component on a remote machine. I have looked at dcomcnfg and I feel that the launch permissions etc are correct. Anyone got any ideas ? <BR><BR>Thanks for your time and help.<BR>

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    You shouldn&#039t play with DCOMCNFG when you are working with MTS should export the MTS package from the MTS server and run the client install app on your IIS server. This will register the component and set the proper registry entries on your IIS server. Good luck! Email me if you need more info....<BR><BR>Tom<BR>

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