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    I am writing a series of help files using xml/xslt. One help file is about BBCode. I need to show examples of how bb code makes something look. That means I need to put html markup in the xml document, and xslt has to pass it on literally, not turn it into a node. Here&#039;s an example:<BR><BR>xml file:<BR>To make text bold, type
    . It will look like &#060;escape&#062;&#060;b&#062;test&#060;/b&#062;&#060;escape&#062;.<BR><BR>How can I write an xslt template to match &#060;escape&#062; and LITERALLY write its contents, so that the browser will render the text bold?

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    Default enable-output-escaping..

    Or, something like that:<BR>&#060;xsl:value-of select="node" enable-output-escaping="no" /&#062;

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    Throw the content in in CDATA section and write the &#060; and &#062; with & lt; and & gt; (remove the space, if I leave it in both will show up as &#060; and &#062; )

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