*<BR>The requirement is to start a batch program through an asp page.<BR><BR>Implementation is to have the vb shell() method call do the needful. method written as a public method in vb dll...and called from asp<BR><BR>Dll registered on component services as a server application.<BR><BR>Works fine on local machine (win2k sp5, iis5)...starts an instance of the batch program <BR><BR>On a server machine, with same config .. starts two instances instead of one.. for example if i do the below in asp.. it opens two notepad.exe on the server. <BR><BR>&#060;%<BR>dim obj<BR>set obj=server.createobject("testapprun.testcaller")<B R>response.write obj.runEx("C:winnt
otepad.exe","")<BR>set obj =nothing<BR>%&#062;<BR>Prints &#060;processid&#062; of process started.<BR><BR>what could be the typical problem. <BR>thanks for your help.<BR><BR>&#039;Harish