the below code is working perfectly on IIS/win2000 connecting to Exchange Server. Once I shift to IIS/win2003 connecting to the same Exchange server, I&#039;m getting the error: "Failed to create object"<BR>Could you help me with that asap.<BR><BR>Code:<BR><BR>Const cStrServer = "exchserv" &#039;change here<BR> Const cStrMailbox = "mbox" &#039;change here<BR> bstrProfileInfo = cStrServer & vbLf & cStrMailbox <BR> Set objSess = Server.CreateObject("mapi.session")<BR> objSess.Logon "", "", False, True, 0, True, bstrProfileInfo<BR> Set objFBMess = objSess.Outbox.Messages.Add<BR> objFBMess.Subject = sbj<BR> objFBMess.text=bodym<BR> Set objRecips = objFBMess.Recipients.Add<BR> objRecips.Name= rcp<BR> objRecips.Type= 1<BR> For recpt=1 to objFBMess.Recipients.Count<BR><BR> objFBMess.Recipients(recpt).Resolve showdialog=True<BR> <BR> Next<BR><BR> objFBMess.Send<BR> objSess.Logoff<BR> Set objSess=nothing<BR>